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in an area with a fountain, take two pieces of differently-colored sidewalk chalk and trace your hand five times with each color, with the handprints arranged in two vertical lines. draw a line below the start of the bottommost handprint, positioned between the handprint and the nearby fountain. with the same number of people on each team, stand by your team's handprints. players, while only allowing one person per team to be below the line at any given time, race to carry water back from the fountain and scrub the handprints away. each team aims to be the first to erase all of their five handprints; those that have clearly visible chalk left at the end (i.e. at the time the other team fully erases their handprints) are caught by the detectives and scolded for interfering with the crime scene.

play time

setup & play: 1–2 minutes each. please don't hurt yourself or scrub the concrete too hard!


this game was made in 2 minutes at indiecade 2018 alongside jonathan daar and tanya mannion

CategoryPhysical game
Release date Oct 12, 2018
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Authoreli fessler
Tagsbig-game, field-game, Multiplayer, physical-game, playground-game
Average sessionA few minutes


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